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Signs You Need a New Septic System

Signs You Need a New Septic System

Septic systems do their jobs, and they do their jobs well for decades if they are well maintained. Day-in and day-out, they clean your wastes and naturally rid your system of gray water, and collect the solid wastes at the bottom, awaiting regular septic tank pumping. However, like all human-made devices, your septic system will wear out, and if you don’t properly maintain it, it will wear out a lot sooner.

Septic One in Fort Worth specializes in septic tank services. We offer septic pumping, septic repairs, and septic tank replacement services. We also offer grease trap cleaning for food establishments. Below, we’ll go over some signs to watch out for to determine if your septic system is in need of replacement. Contact us for a septic system inspection today!


You are Pumping Your Septic System More Frequently Than Normal

The frequency with which you need to pump your septic system depends on the use of it. If you are a one- or two-person household, odds are, you won’t need to pump it very often. However, if you are a family of five and you run your own business out of your home, you will have to pump your septic system more frequently. One sign that Septic One in Fort Worth notes about failing septic systems is that you have to pump more frequently. This is usually a sign that components within the system are not functioning properly.

Puddles in Your Yard

Septic systems are designed to disperse the grey treated water through your ground and let the natural rock, sediments, and organisms finish cleaning it up. However, if you are noticing puddles in your yard, then this is a sign that your septic system is not functioning as it should. This could be component parts are malfunctioning, or it could be a sign of a leak (or several leaks). It’s best to have your septic system company, Septic One in Fort Worth, inspect your system should you see this sign.

Constant Backups

Backups are usually a sign that your septic system needs to be pumped. However, if you recently had your septic system pumped and backups keep occuring, you’ll definitely need to call Septic One in Fort Worth for a septic tank inspection. You might also notice your toilet not flushing properly either.

Foul Drinking Water

If your drinking water tastes off, it’s time to call in a septic tank inspector as this can be a sign there is something wrong with your septic system. Many diseases and illnesses can be caused by drinking contaminated water, so it’s imperative that you get your septic tank system inspected right away by Septic One in Fort Worth. We can come out right away if you believe this is a major concern for you.

Greener Grass

This is a common sign of septic tank failure when your grass is greener even when it’s the intense heat of summer here in Texas. This is usually a sign that your septic system is not properly draining into the drain field. The green is caused by an abundance of moisture in that area that normally is not there.


There are many areas that can go wrong with your septic system as it ages. For the most part, septic systems are wonderful inventions that do their jobs. However, it’s important to be aware of calls for help your septic system may be giving you in order to protect you and your family’s health and well-being.

Septic One in Fort Worth offers septic system tank service and pumping services, as well as regular maintenance. Oftentimes, it may just be a simple part that needs replaced or a small leak that needs patched. When you call us, we’ll do a thorough inspection to discover the source of your concern and ensure that your septic system is working properly. If we think your septic system needs replaced, we’ll let you know. In addition, we offer grease trap cleaning and aerobic service contracts. Call us today for your next septic tank service in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area!

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