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The standard septic system here in Ft. Worth consists of plumbing, tank, and a leach (or drain) field. That's it. Thanks for reading.

Okay, so your septic system is much more complex than that but if everything goes as planned, you will never need to intimately know the inner workings of your septic system. Of course that is why we are here. At Septic One, we clean both residential and commercial septic systems, as well as commercial grease traps. When you contact us, you are getting over 20 years of septic tank experience.

The general rule of thumb for septic tank maintenance is to have it serviced every 2 to 5 years. And by serviced we mean cleaned out and inspected. Unlike being on the municipal sewer system a septic tank is not hooked up to the sewer system. That means that the tank must be pumped for it to maintain proper operation.

If this maintenance protocol is not followed, you could have backups of sewage into your home, a flooded backyard or even a tank that floats to the surface. That may sound like...

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How often have you dumped grease down the drain? Hopefully not regularly, especially if you have a septic system. Septic systems do not tolerate grease for a variety of reasons and today we are going to talk about what can happen to your septic system if it is gummed up with things like grease.

At Septic One Septic Tank Service, we have been pumping the septic tanks of Fort Worth for more than 20 years. No matter how bad your septic system may be, or how long it has been since it was cleaned, we have probably seen something just as bad. A word of warning though, waiting too long to have your septic system cleaned can mean damage to the tank and the drain field.

While skipping the regular cleaning is the easiest way to destroy your septic system, nothing will create the problems that grease can. The biggest problem is, most of us do not even think about it.

Grease and oil is not just the sludge left over after you fry up a bunch of bacon, but residue from all sorts of sources. No matter...

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