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Welcome to Septic One!

The Best Septic Tank Services

Welcome to Septic One! We are your septic tank experts, specializing in septic tank maintenance of all types of septic systems. We offer septic tank pumping, septic tank service, and septic tank cleaning services. In addition, we offer grease trap cleaning for your restaurant or other food service business. With over 20 years of experience in the septic system business in Fort Worth, we have what it takes to get your tank cleaned quickly and efficiently. Below, we’ll dive into a bit more detail on our septic system services. Contact us today to get started!

Septic Tank Repairs

Septic systems truly are amazing systems when you think about it. They take our waste products, store them, and then release the materials that have been broken down back into the ground for further cleaning by Mother Nature. This is the natural, environmentally-friendly way to recycle waste products.

However, like all pieces of machinery, septic tanks can break, wear down, and just need a part fixed here and there. Other items in nature, such as tree roots and accidental strikes from digging, can cause further damage. Not caring for your septic system and allowing it to accumulate too much solid waste causes problems as well.

Septic One in Fort Worth can handle all of your septic repairs easily. Our family-owned and operated business will keep your homes and businesses running smoothly. From patching leaks to repairing an older septic tank, we can help. Call us today!

Septic Tank Pumping

While beautiful in design, septic systems need regular maintenance in order to keep operating efficiently and without problems. Septic tank pumping is crucial to keep up on if you want your septic system to last for years. Septic tanks need regular pumping of the solid wastes that accumulate at the bottom of your tank that cannot be disposed of in a biodegradable way through the ground filtration system. If you don’t invest in regular septic tank pumping, problems can occur, such as backups and clogs in your system (which, trust us, you don’t want a septic system backup into your home or office).

Septic One in Fort Worth cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining your septic tank pumping schedule. By scheduling your septic tank pumping, you can rest assured that your system will function optimally, keep it healthy, and prevent long term repairs down the road. Call us today to schedule!

Grease Trap Cleaning

Most of us love to go out to eat. Being that eating is a basic human need and that food tastes really good, it’s nice to explore the offerings around Fort Worth. All restaurants and food service businesses are required to have a grease trap, which does exactly what its name states: catches grease. This protects the town’s waste treatment plants and your business’s pipes as well. Furthermore, most cities in Texas require your grease trap to be pumped at least every 90 days.

Septic One offers grease trap cleaning services for your Fort Worth area restaurant, dinery, bar, cafe, coffee house, and more. We can pump your grease trap, as well as repair it should it need so. Similar to septic systems, the solid matter falls to the bottom and the grease floats to the top in a grease trap, which allows the semi-filtered water to pass through onto the treatment plant for further processing. It’s important to maintain a regular grease trap pump schedule so your grease trap won’t experience clogs and backups. The health inspector would most definitely frown upon a backup in this instance. Call us for regular grease trap maintenance services today!

Aerobic Service Contracts

Aerobic treatment systems, or aerobic septic systems, are incredible pieces of machinery that also can treat your waste efficiently and promptly. Another type of septic system, aerobic treatment systems, are smaller and are more often utilized in rural communities. A little more complicated than your traditional septic system, aerobic systems need to be inspected at least three times a year by Texas state law to ensure they are working efficiently.

Aerobic treatment systems use oxygen to promote the growth of bacteria that help to break down the waste. Because of this, these systems are extremely quick. The solid waste drops to the bottom, allowing the effluent to flow out either to a treatment plant or to a drainage field for more processing. These systems are great for home with poor soil, a high water underground water table, or for homes close to a body of water. You can think of your aerobic system as your own little miniature waste treatment plant in your own backyard.

Septic One in Fort Worth specializes in pumping and repairing aerobic treatment systems, as well as performing the required inspection services. Contact us today to schedule!


Septic One in Fort Worth offers exceptional residential and commercial septic tank cleaning services, repair, and maintenance for both traditional septic systems and for aerobic systems. We offer emergency septic pumping and repair services as well. We love eating out as much as you do, which is one of the reasons we love offering grease trap cleaning services. When you give our friendly staff a call, we’ll do our best to get to you promptly. Our professional team will diagnose and repair your septic system. With over 20 years of septic system experience, we can handle any problem or issue you may have. Contact us today to get started!

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